IDAP Football Academy (IFA) is a Professional Football Association based in London, which works in partnership with many semi and professional football clubs within the UK. We provide a nurturing coaching space to better support the development of future players. Our vision is to produce young players aged 5 to 16 years in order to help them secure professional and non-league football contracts depending on ability.

"The answer is simple – OPPORTUNITY" ~ FPN, Director of Football

Professional clubs are always on the look out for talented players of all ages, males and females; from academy youngsters to 1st team Pros. Yet many talented players often miss their chances due to a lack of opportunity. IFA gives that opportunity for players to become creative, innovative and excellent decision makers, with the capability of developing to their full potential.

Coaching Syllabus Learn

What is a game (rules and scoring system) | Technical components of the game | The England DNA | Principles of play | Discipline | Qualities of a player

Your chance to make it in the world of pro football starts right here – right now.