Welcome to IDAP Football Academy - IFA, an independent football academy in London providing excellent coaching, where players from a diverse social mix, range of talents, backgrounds and character feel equally valued. It is an exciting time to be here and a great honour to be leading the Academy through its 7th anniversary in 2019 and into the 2020s.

IFA has a long standing reputation for producing fine football players. Our primary duty is to ensure that all our players are engaged in good learning at the Academy, both at training and beyond it.

Our principal objectives are:

To ensure that all our players feel equally secure and valued;

To offer football challenges that enable each players to realise his/ her potential;

To provide football drills that are engaging for all our players to enjoy and through which they can learn to work cooperatively and to lead.

We live in exciting and fast changing times and this means that providing an outstanding, progressive and well-rounded coaching is more important than ever. Our philosophy is to create a fun environment as happy children are more likely to be successful.

We see it as our responsibility to bring out our players' talents, to broaden their interests and to develop their personal qualities. To do this we aim to foster confidence, perseverance, tolerance and integrity; to enhance communication skills; to embrace creativity; to encourage teamwork; and to promote an open-minded and outward-looking mentality so that players are ready to make a really positive contribution to their wider community whether they make it into professional football or not.

IFA players aren’t afraid to fail, we teach them how to recover, to move on, to make the very best of all the skills they have.

Come and see us, let us show you why IFA is different and why we are seen as one of the leading football academies in the country.

Fabrice Papy Nsangu

Director Of Football & Federation President