We offer a fantastic opportunity for any player with aspirations of a football career to join IFA. Similarly, if as a parent, you seek an environment that would prepare your son / daughter for the challenges that lie ahead, develop and adopt skills and competencies that support a healthy, responsible and autonomous form of life even beyond football, then IFA is the right setting.

Players are taught tactical theory, playing systems and playing style under the guidance of our qualified coaches. We encourage players and parent participation, organise team building trips, public speaking, leadership opportunities all within a fun, safe and friendly environment.

"Coaching + Personal Development = Empowered Player"

- IFA Director Of Football


Areas we focus on in addition to coaching include discipline, communication skills, time-keeping and strong work ethic. Our methodology is simple; we do not tolerate bad language and slang at training or during matches. We promote the FA Code of Conduct, Respect for the sport, peers, adults and good sportsmanship which are essential in the discipline of football.

To join send your football CV to idapfootballacademy@outlook.com or contact our friendly team: +447388775101